Will Knack
3d + Creative Solutions
Motion Design Expert
Available Worldwide
+55 41 992516679
São Paulo + Curitiba / Brazil

Visual experiences by micro-interactions to complex design narratives

I have implemented intelligent solutions merging processes and diverse capacities throughout my career to bring definite meaning to companies that believed in my skills. Each had its unique challenges and required me to learn, grow, and expand my skill set.

I've taken on many different projects and 3D challenges, including ads, design systems, online and offline publishing, and many motion design experiences.

No matter what I'm working on, I'm very invested.

meusucesso.com oppening art direction, animation
wise up teachers art direction, animation and sound edit
wise up campaign art direction, animation and sound edit
wise up campaign art direction, animation and sound edit
O jogador - wise up campaign art direction, animation
wise up campaign art direction, animation and sound edit
power house event oppening animation pack
Design and develop expressive animation processes improvement
2d + 3d explorations
Shooting to the moon into many hi-end visual storytellings

"Will is such a good professional and coworker. I had the pleasure to work with him at Pipefy and saw how his creative mind led us to a new level. Whether in Motion Graphics or illustration, Will is multidisciplinary in several areas of design. He is very collaborative, proactive, and always there to assist the team and stakeholders".

Guilherme Angelucci
Sr. Marketing Designer na Pipefy

"Will is leaded by his curiosity, determination and passion to become a better and better designer. When we worked together at Lumen, I could learn so many things with him, especially about 3D Max, because of his will (I am not playing with words) to test out new solutions and techniques at home, on his spare time. He is an excellent team worker, good listener and proactive to propose great solutions. His presence and competency made the work more pleasant and richer experience for sure!"

Guilherme Chee
Senior UX Designer at Venturus

"Will is incredible. He is a unique type of designer, combining creativity with quality work and a different look for different project solutions. A person open to conversations and discussions. I hope to be able to work with him again".

Willian Lopes
Sr. Analyst Product Designer