Will Knack
3d + Creative Solutions
Motion Design Expert
Available Worldwide
+55 41 992516679
São Paulo + Curitiba / Brazil
Sketching and growing an expressive animation processes improvement
Design an integrated design system and connect your brand experience with different audiences.
At Pipefy, I had a chance to lead the Marketing Design team and build together with the product an integrated design system between Figma and After Effects, a process responsible for driving us the new Visual Design, Art Direction, and UI, which improved the production speed by at least +200%.

This role allowed me to empower all the team to have intelligence and dynamics to create Motion Design solutions independently and draw a connected visual style with UX, Ads, and external projects.
Production speed in at least 2x more from old processes
Video created in 6 months to multi-platforms
Dedicated animations ready to go per day on average

"Will is a multi-talent. He has helped navigate multiple iterations of our corporate website, helped develop company brand guidelines, created countless product videos, and contributed greatly to the design and development of various marketing assets such as case studies, ads, social creative, content and more."

Rochelle Clark
Director of Corporate Marketing at Pipefy

"Will is a highly skilled 3D artist with loads of experience. I've been very impressed by his professional quality of work and the variety of art he creates and animates. Not only is he a team player, but also knows how to take the reins and finish out projects direct with client. I truly look forward to working more with Will."

Maurivan Padilha
Principal Designer at Pipefy

"Will is an amazing human being and professional. He is a dreamer and always looks for improvements using benchmarks. This helped us to make better decisions. He is passionate about what he does, making him raise the bar in each new job or task that he does."

Mérie Oliveira
Master in Language Studies / Marketing Analyst
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